Pre exposed Neon Alycia

I follow Chase Hart on Instagram (@myfridayfilms) and the one thing that turned me onto his work was the fact he was using pre exposed film. I’m down for a good double exposure or two so I ordered a roll he pre exposed with neon lights on Kodak Gold 200. I’m pretty happy with the results. I metered at 160 and had the lab process as normal. I foresee another purchase soon.

Chase Hart

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Make your own gallery

The print is the final part of the equation. 


You don’t have to print out everything you do but I feel some images need to exist in the tactile realm to be seen in a form other than pixels. What, you don’t think no one will admire what you do? Well there is audience of one. 



Plus I see having prints as motivation to do and be better. To outdo the you from yesterday. That’s the only competition you. 



Early Bird

Back in March we were staying in one of the beach houses on Camp Lejeune when I spotted this gentleman setting up for a sunrise shot. I was on the balcony sipping coffee still undecided if I wanted to participate as well. What got me motivated was I saw what I thought were wings on his tripod legs. So I loaded up my Yashicha and made my way down onto the beach. Come to find out, after some conversation, he was a retired Airman from Ashville enjoying the beach for a few days as well. Also, the "wings" on his tripod legs were umbrella bags you can find at some businesses to put your wet umbrella in. Genius. 



Yggdrasil's Child

Story time: First day of spring 2014. It was quite the warm day which is not surprising being that North Carolina has some serious bipolar weather in the winter/spring time. You can start the week bundled up because the low is 15 then by Wednesday you're seeing highs in the 60s and 70s, but I digress. 

Jamie and I started the day shooting at an abandoned ampitheather which made for some great images but eventually we got kicked of the property for trespassing. (To be honest I didn't see a sign officer 😏) So we packed up and made our way to a spot I shot at a few years prior. It had some cool trails and a boat launch area...which brings us to this tree. After working together awhile Jamie and I had a pretty good connection. There were moments when we both knew what the other was thinking and an idea would come to life. When we came upon this tree this is what happened: my mouth dropped open and I started to point. At the same exact time J is stripping, runs over to the tree, does a quick swipe inside for webs, insects and wildlife then proceeds to tuck herself inside. Hence, this.

 Jamie (2014) 

Jamie (2014) 

New year, new...

I have nothing prophetic to say about the new year. Nothing new to declare or proclaim. I'm sort of in a limbo right now, just trudging along until I find my stride again. Until then I'll stay sipping on bourbon and taking notes. 

Topless in November

After wearing a hoodie and leather jacket at the beginning of the week NC being NC, with it's bipolar fall weather, was treated to a warm day where I was comfortable in a t-shirt. That being said Donika got to enjoy having her jeep topless before the cold weather rolls back in.