Cedar Island

Elexa and my tree

I love this tree. Every time I go to Cedar Island I have to photograph someone on it. The windblown shape makes for great angles. When going to Cedar Island I get asked 2 things: do we get to shoot in the road and are we going to use the tree. More often than not both are a yes.

Cedar Island 2015

I made my first trip of the year out to Cedar Island with Alycia and Norma last week. They had been wanting to go for the longest time and they were like giddy kids at Christmas when we set up the excursion. As soon as we crossed over the bridge they said, in unison, "The road!".

We got a few shots on the marsh road. Traffic wasn't that bad but I wanted to get to the beach before the sun got too high. We got to play on my favorite tree. The horses from the ranch were out so we got as close as we could for some shots with them. 

It was a great trip and the girls had a blast. Plus being able to sunbathe fully nude was a new experience for them. Guess that's what happens when no one comes down to that end of the beach for about 3 hours.