New year, new outlook...blah blah blah

The construct of time and the rolling over of the calendar makes us do crazy and reflective things. Silly humans.

I’ve been doing this for awhile with no clear focus. Just shooting what I know. I start many a project or at least write many down to be forgotten in one of the many Moleskine notebooks I own (I may have a slight problem on that front) . But I push on. I keep telling myself I’ll revisit some of those ideas and make some happen. My thought process is that I wasn’t ready or at a certain skill level at that time to accomplish said thing. Maybe, maybe not. 

More needs to be done, though. Journey down a path with a set of parameters for a bit and see how that goes. 

This image of Maren fits the contemplation narrative. Looking to the horizon for change or just chilling in your favorite chair thinking about what you want to eat. Maybe both. 


Maren. 2019 Hasselblad 500CM Kodak Tri-X

Maren. 2019 Hasselblad 500CM Kodak Tri-X