Pre exposed Neon Alycia

I follow Chase Hart on Instagram (@myfridayfilms) and the one thing that turned me onto his work was the fact he was using pre exposed film. I’m down for a good double exposure or two so I ordered a roll he pre exposed with neon lights on Kodak Gold 200. I’m pretty happy with the results. I metered at 160 and had the lab process as normal. I foresee another purchase soon.

Chase Hart

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Kat on Delta 3200

I have a love/hate relationship with high speed film. I’m talking to you Ilford Delta 3200 and Kodak P3200. While I enjoy the grain nailing the right exposure for it has always been an issue for me. Always been 50/50.  Well, more like 1 in 3...either too light, too dark or just right. This was one of the just right ones. There are times I feel I am better off pushing HP5 and developing in Rodinal. At least I get better contrast. 

Kat. Ilford Delta 3200. Pentax 67

Kat. Ilford Delta 3200. Pentax 67